“What’s It To Ya?”

“Hallelujah” Pentatonix Song Parody

I heard there was a car for sale
Kelly Blue Book priced right at retail
But you don’t know anything about that, do ya?

A manual shift From fourth to fifth
The engine revs, like Tokyo Drift
Before we go to closing, What’s it to ya?

[“What’s it to ya” chorus]

Well, your credit is strong but I need proof
Did you see the trunk and the sunroof?
A beauty, and on the dashboard, mini-Buddha!

I fell in love with leather chairs
Before I take her home, does she need repair?
Is she old and is she broken?

[“What’s it to ya” chorus]

Baby, I’ve been here before
Negotiated on the sales room floor
You think you have the power, now do ya?

The checkbook’s here, right in my hand!

This won’t go the way you planned!
I’ll leave you cold and broken!

[“What’s it to ya” chorus]

Well, maybe there’s a Santa Clause
Cause all I ever wanted was
A car that makes my boyfriend drool
And I can’t deny, the racing stripes
Have got me like deer in headlights I am cold and I am broken

[“What’s it to ya” chorus]