Hi, I'm Rachel.

My personal motto is “Life is an adventure. Take risks.” 

I believe that our heart’s greatest desire is hidden under a layer of fear. Courage is the weapon we must use to fight our fear and win what we truly want: a full and passionate life. 

Life requires courage and courage is a muscle, one we must train and strengthen. 

To be honest, two years ago, my “courage muscles” were weak. 

I was a small town girl, dating a nice guy and feeling the societal pressure to “settle down and get married already.” (My mother may or may not have said that exact quote). But the idea of marriage made me feel like I was drowning. 

After a lot of soul searching (aka: therapy!), I realized that not only was this not the right relationship for me, but - worse - I wasn’t living up to my true vision of myself. 

I was a small town girl, but I wanted to be an international business woman. I just thought that was so inspirational and cool. 

Finally, I exercised my “courage muscles.” I broke up with my boyfriend, packed my bags, and moved to Spain. 

I joined an international MBA program, traveled the globe, and gained friends all around the world. 

It was my heart’s greatest desire and it was just on the other side of fear. 

Humor in Heels started as a blog of funny stories of adventure and misadventure (and it still is!), but it's also evolved into something else: a resource that empowers women to find the courage inside themselves to fight their fear, follow their passion, and embrace risk. 

I hope that, by telling my stories of fun and failure, I inspire other women to embark on their own adventure and go after their own dreams.

Life is an adventure. Take risks. 


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